Acadian Driftwood

Acadian Driftwood were formed in January 2016. Collaborating on similar recording projects, John Ellwand & Bobby Johnson decided to form a group of their own.

The name was formed for their appreciation of the musical group The Band. The song seemed to strike a chord with the pair when listing to the album ‘Northern Lights’ in which the song Acadian Driftwood is featured.

There first collaboration was to be the release of Working Title, their debut ep October 1st 2016.

This was to be a in house production, using their home studio ‘Swamp Studios’ (New Brighton, Wirral.) Drafting Norwegian producer Anders Johnsen & session bassist Alex Morley.

Since the release of Working Title, Acadian Driftwood have been working towards making their debut album set to be released 2017.

Acadian Driftwood

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