Hannah Peel just checked in – First headliner confirmed!


Hi everyone,

We are very pleased to announce our first Threshold VII headliner – Irish singer-songwriter Hannah Peel!

There are so many layers to Peel’s work, it is unreal. Aside from her own solo stuff, of which the latest jewel is her new LP ‘Awake But Always Dreaming’ (feat. Hayden Thorpe from ‘Wild Beasts’), Hannah has also done an impressive range of collaborations.

She is currently the singer, composer and orchestral arranger of indie rock trio The Magnetic North, who have just released a new album this year. But this not enough to satisfy the bursting creativity of the artist. She has also worked with electronic groups ‘John Foxx and the Maths’, ‘Beyond the Wizards Sleeve’ (featuring veteran producer, sound engineer and musician Richard Norris, and prominent electro house DJ Erol Alkan)… And the list goes on!

Counting close to 20 collaborations and releases with various artists, Hannah Peel is definitely a great and exciting person to work with. We are glad to announce her to you and very flattered to have her on board.

The atmospheric buoyancy of her sound combined with radiating vocals definitely walks the thin artistic line of ‘Darkness and Light’ – our theme this year! So watch out and keep your ears peeled.


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