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Threshold Festival 2017 T-SHIRT with Threshold7 Logo (front) and Line Up (back)

High Quality print provided by Wild Thang. 100% Cotton.

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Hoodie from Threshold Festival 2013 Printed by Wild Thang. Available in M. Colour: Black. Logo: Colour. Category: Hooded Jacket. Effects: Ribbed cuffs, hood with drawstrings.  

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Threshold – Logo Picks (Plectra Set) Thickness: Light/Tin Available as set: 6 pieces (see photo) for £3+ shipping costs and as individual picks for £0.50+shipping costs. More merchandise available on

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Threshold – Logo Pick, Special Edition (Plectra Set) Thickness:  Heavy gauge shell guitar picks. Set of 2 plectra. Great for gift for guitar players a Threshold2015 V (red) and Threshold2016 (Silver Stone). More merchandise available on

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ThresholdV Badges available for purchase as set of 3 pieces and as individual items.

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Threshold Festival 2014 – Bottle Opener Keyring

58mm (2 1/4 inch)

Available in 3 colours: Black, Blue and Orange. £3 each.

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