Volunteers needed – Come and join!



Hello birds and cats,

As you know we are slowly heading into 2017, which will be another exciting year for a new and even better Threshold. Yet again.

But as we relentlessly push for the best show, atmosphere and experience – we can never take for granted all the efforts that go into making our event so special. To give credit where it’s due, we must remain aware about the hard work of all our Team – incredibly committed and passionate volunteers, who are simply indispensable to the festival. Without them there would be no Threshold.

It is greatly rewarding working with such a diverse and talented group of people, and the satisfaction we all feel at the end when everything comes together is indescribable – in fact it has to be experienced.

As we are all working very hard at the moment planning for next year, we are inviting everyone who feels a passion for teamwork and a friendship for the arts to come and join our team!

We are open to every talent and interest, and the purpose of volunteering is first and foremost that You get a fulfilling and valuable experience out of this. We encourage everyone to take on a specific area/field that they are interested in, and to have a stab at it regardless of experience or background. The goal is to give newcomers a chance and take them to a new ‘threshold’, opening up career prospects.

Here is one testimony by a past volunteer I think we all in the team can relate to:
“Threshold enabled me to understand the inner workings of a grass-roots festival… it offered me the chance to be an integral part of the festival’s success. As part of the artist liaison team I was busy working alongside stage managers, techies and musicians and due to the gratifying nature of the role it never really felt like ‘work’ per se. It was exhilarating, highly challenging and it’s set me up brilliantly for every music biz role I’ve stepped into since and it was a springboard into the work I do now for sure…”
Dave Weir, 2013 graduate Oxjam Takeover Chester Co-ordinator and blogger for various music press

Here is hoping that you will come and join us in our effort and share this incredible experience. We can only paraphrase Bob Dylan here and say ‘We’ll let you be in our Team if we can be in yours.’

Link to volunteer form: https://goo.gl/forms/dgcSEg0Dt9TnukJo2 

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