Maschinenfunk – Jennifer Cardini May 20185 – Paul Hutchinson Michael Davidson
Maschinenfunk – Jennifer Cardini May 20185 – Paul Hutchinson Michael Davidson

MaschinenFunk DJs (MrPaul & Moritz)

Born from a desire to host parties and guests on the margins of the local music scene, MaschinenFunk sees bring their distinctive music palette to Liverpool.

Fri 29 Mar

MrPaul (aka Paul Hutchinson) has a long history in the electronic music scene, winning the prestigious Redbull Music Academy competition back in 2001. Paul founded Discoteca Poca in 2010 and was responsible for bringing to Liverpool a selection of disco, house and techno royalty, such as Andrew Weatherall, Ewan Pearson and Ivan Smagghe. He was also a resident and promoter at Liverpool’s infamous Waxxx events, warming up for the likes of Alan Fitzpatrick, Rødhåd and Boddika.

With a characteristic style, Moritz (aka Michael Davidson) always sets out to find the right sentiment in his sets, describing his sound as “rhythmic, percussive and atmospheric”. Known for his extended sets, such as the six-hour marathon at Kazimier’s OUTPUT Gallery in August 2018, Moritz was a recent finalist in the Frisky Radio DJ competition.

MaschinenFunk was born following an impromptu meeting at Melodic Distraction in 2017, with a shared belief in bringing a new sound to Liverpool. With these guys behind the decks, expect an eclectic selection of electronic music as MrPaul and Moritz take you on one hell of a journey…