nikki and the waves_2018_rose petal rush 02_©carinverbruggen – Nikki & The Waves
Nikki and The Waves
Sat 30 Mar

Nikki & The Waves is Liverpool’s spicy glitter-fuelled indie pop band. With influences ranging from funk to indie rock and dream pop, they’re difficult to pin down, but very easy to listen to. Mixing brass with upbeat guitars and melancholic melodies, they manage to create a modern, yet nostalgic sound. Make sure you’re wearing your dancing shoes when seeing them live!

“Liverpool’s Nikki & The Waves have created an eclectic fusion of jazz and pop – a brass ensemble complete with guitars and soothing vocals. The second track, There He Goes from their EP, Look How Blue the Night Looks, is lounge music made interesting and demonstrates how using big band symphonies and harmonies can work when juxtaposed with quirky lyrics and a modern attitude.” – Get Into This, 2018