Rachael Jean Harris
Rachael Jean Harris
Sat 30 Mar

Liverpool-born Rachael Jean Harris has devoted her life to the writing of songs. Recently, the vast majority have fallen into rich themes, surrounding the lives of people on the raw edges of existence. Each lasting several years, these themes become areas for detailed thought, study and research, sparked by real stories, resulting in evocative and poignant tales. Following the acoustic sounds of ‘Just Like He Said’ (2007), her more electric, grungy 2013 release, ‘Dig’ focused on women and children in conflict zones, suffering in lesser reported corners of our world. Taking real events and accounts and extrapolating these into fully formed narratives, she attempts to place the listener inside the situation and present them face to face with the danger, freedom, longing and defiance that her protagonists experience.

Her current focus is on those living in confinement, and in particular, the day to day realities of Death Row inmates in the USA with whom she corresponds. Of interest to her are the complexities of human dignity, longing, memory and the power and potential of mercy.

Musical influences include The Great American Songbook, Jeff Buckley, Suzanne Vega, and Mahalia Jackson.