Taylor Trash_Pic by DanGovan
Taylor Trash_Pic by DanGovan

Taylor Trash

Taylor Trash is London’s ONLY Southern Belle-end! (Stage Host)

Fri 29 Mar

Coming to Threshold Festival 2019 to host Twisted Cabaret line up at DISTRICT, Friday 29th March 2019!

Taylor Trash is the brainchild of London-based advertising creative John Brock. Growing up a child of the 80’s and 90’s on a diet of American TV, John became obsessed with the female characters in his favourite shows. A fan of all things Americana, Taylor is an over the top caricature of the Southern woman. She is also a heightened version of John’s own personal character traits and a space for him to take the piss out of himself. With a sense of humour that is campy and dripping in innuendo, Taylor is warm, sweet and welcoming … and very sex positive.

The inspirations for Taylor are Dolly Parton and comedy legend Kenny Everett.

Taylor runs two club nights in London – ‘Trashed’ at the Glory and ‘Luxe Sluts’ with her friend Neil Prince at Tipsy Dalston. As well as this, she runs a drag talent competition called ‘The Gold Rush’ happening every Monday night through Feb 2019 and March 2019 at the Glory. Dedicating her time to giving stages to up-and-coming artists, as well as creating new spaces for Queer art and night life are her true passions.

Taylor hosts her own show at Clapham’s Stane St Syndicate, the monthly “Hump Day Hoe Down”, as well as Glittoris, the UCLU LGBTQIA++ disco and Dalston Superstores “Power Brunch” with Neil Prince.