Threshold Festival 2020 – Artist Applications

Terms and Conditions applicable to all applying to be part of the programming at Threshold Festival 2020. Please read carefully before submitting your application.

Threshold Festival 2020 – Application General Terms and Conditions:

●  In oder to be considered for the programming of Threshold Festival 2020, you must complete and submit the application form: – by November 22, 2019; 23:59PM

● After a successful submission all expenses, items and fees need to be negotiated prior to confirming your booking.

●  One weekend wristband will be issued to each member of your group that contributes to the direct performance or exhibition. Managers/Photographers/Crew  may request an extra wristband by emailing​ Threshold Festival Artist Liaison.

●  Complimentary refreshments will be provided to the exhibiting or performing artists only. All artists will receive a “Threshold19 Artist Refreshment Voucher” per band/group member at artist accreditation, to be exchanged in designated areas only.

●  All artists agree to actively help promote their involvement once completing the agreement.

●  Unless agreed otherwise, headline artists agree not to book any other gigs in Liverpool City Centre two weeks either side of the festival dates.

●  Performance details provided may be ​subject to change if circumstances change beyond our control. We advise you to remain available for the dates that you specified in your booking, unless agreed otherwise.

Property Disclaimer:

Threshold Festival and our partner venues accept no responsibility for damage to, or loss of, possessions left in venues, storage rooms or anywhere across our festival site. All belongings, including instruments and electrical/electronic equipment you bring to the festival, will be left at your own risk.


  • Ticket sales with commission for the artists will be available on request.
  • Reduced priced tickets for family & friends will be available on request.
  • No free guest list will be made available.

Specifics for music and performing arts applications:


  • You must complete your tech spec in your artist application form.
  • Unless previously agreed with the production team, there will be a system of ​line checks only​ in place.
  • All bands will receive 10/15 minutes for changeover and line checks, depending on which stage you are performing. Each solo artist will have  5/10 minutes for changeover and line checks. If changeover and line check times take longer than agreed, it may shorten your performance time.
  • Performing Arts pieces: tech requirements need to agreed in advance. Artists are responsible to provide their own props.


We intend to provide the following stage backline at all our venues. Unless you specify otherwise, you will be expected to use the sound engineer, PA and equipment we provide.

●  Basic Drum Kit Shell with Stands (no kick pedal, no snare drum, no cymbals, no hi-hat)

●  Bass amp

●  2x electric guitar amps

●  Mics and DIs

For DJs:

●  CDJs (USB) & Mixer as standard. Turntables only on request. If turntables are required, you must bring your own needles.

Specifics for visual arts applications:

We will need your artwork to be ready at least one month ahead of the festival in order for us to install the work in time for the festival. We will email you with allocated dates and times of when you will need to drop off / install your work after we have had all information forms and selected all of the participating artists.

If your work requires projection, power supplies or other technical equipment or installation we may ask you to provide this equipment or work with our technical team to source it.

Threshold Festival may choose to extend the length of the exhibition to before and/or after the duration of the festival.

Threshold Festival can help you to source items needed for accepted installations either by word of mouth or social media. Please be as specifc as possible – i.e. if you need a piece of wood tell us the dimensions needed of if you need advice regarding framing or printing then let us know. Please note it is ultimately your responsibility to source the items needed for your installation.

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